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About the IR-ODEX 2nd Short Courses

About the IR-ODEX 2nd Short Courses

Samaneh Kansar Zamin (SKZ) is a mineral exploration company (Private) established in Iran and is the Middle East leading provider of professional mineral exploration short courses. From that point the newly formed; SKZ team with cooperation of IMIDRO (Iranian Mines and Mining Industries Development & Renovation Organization) started contacting mineral exploration leading experts, asking them to share their knowledge, from there and we began the first short course with Prof. Hassanzadeh on important key points in porphyry deposits exploration in 2014 and have continued with Jeremy Richards on exploration of porphyry and epithermal deposits in 2015. In 2016, IR_ODEX (Ore Deposit models and Exploration base and precious metal deposits) short course in 5 divers deposit type have been holding. Our participant is composed of researchers, professionals and students from university, industry and government interested in economic geology, mineral resources, industrial minerals and environmental aspects related to mineral deposits.

Now, a Middle East leader in training and education to the Exploration deposits, SKZ with IMIDRO are committed to providing the highest quality, customized courses and programs to its participants worldwide. Our team believes that training is a key enabler to a sustainable mining industry.

On October 21-27, 2017, in Tehran- Iran IR-ODEX 2nd will be held

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